Earith Barbers

New Business Start-Up

Earith Barbers Logo

We take great pride in all of our work, ranging from well-established marketing for high profile clients to new businesses needing their starting foundation's professionally set up ready for launch day. 


We were contacted by the new owners of Earith Barbers, who needed our help to get their business set up ready in a short time frame but without compromising quality and professionalism as they re-launch a new barbershop in Earith, Cambridgeshire. 


Firstly we sat down and established their exact goals, ideas and branding targets for their new business. We then took on board all of the specific details and got our expert team hard at work to create a well-branded logo to meet these requirements. 


Our brief simplified required us to incorporate the use of gold with both owners of Earith Barbers having additional companies that they want to have similar branding to establish their business portfolio into one for the area. We were also tasked with incorporating the letter ‘M’ with specific meaning to the company owners linking to the initial of their surname, and as you will see we did exactly that. 


We will continue to work alongside Earith Barbers as we strive to push them forwards in their launch and continued success in their new business venture. We have taken on all of the stress and responsibility of a new business start-up for them and now they are equipped with the required foundations to plan and begin promoting their new launch. They have a well-branded logo, social media setup and optimisation, business phone and direct line setup, graphic visuals for 'Staff Wanted' and 'Under New Management' and much more! 


Keep an eye out on Earith Barbers socials as we continue to work closely together in the future with even more marketing methods such as social media marketing, advertisement and website design and development