C.P.I. Luxury Lettings

Logo Design

CPI Luxury Lettings Logo

Established as Cambridge’s most innovative and visionary Marketing Agency, specialising in marketing communications that make an impact and get businesses results. We are filled with great joy to be able to say we have an incredible return and satisfaction rate for clients that we work with. We have years of education and experience to ensure that we can be the one-stop-shop for businesses and all their marketing needs.


We have been working with Cambridge Property Investments for over a year now due to our success with their social media marketing and search engine optimisation. So, when the owner of C.P.I. needed a new logo for his exciting Luxury Lettings service, he knew exactly who to turn to. Swiftly we began working on and soon after delivered a new logo for C.P.I. Luxury Lettings.


Incorporating key branding, including a specific colour scheme and current logo style we were tasked with creating a matching logo without any design files to follow the style and capture luxury lettings too. We agreed with C.P.I. what says luxury more than the luxurious and lavish lifestyle of Dubai living. Sticking with the colour and silhouette skyline theme we designed a Dubai skyline and then matched the exact font style, size and spacing in order to fall within company branding.


So often we find that businesses are stuck with a logo but have lost contact with previous designers or both parties no longer have the necessary files to continue branding in the same style. If this is the case for your business fear not as our expert team have the know-how to resolve this and continue to deliver the branding and marketing that you need, efficiently and professionally.