Director and owner Blake Maltby has always had a passion for marketing and throughout his life has taken a very meticulous approach to any task he is faced with. From his driven approach into the industry from a young educational age, all the way through to gaining essential and credible qualifications and diplomas in Digital Marketing.

Blake is well known for his extremely organised and intellectual approach to any task he sets his sights on and this is why we’re all so proud of the family-run, yet creditable and qualified foundations we have built for Maltby Marketing to compete at the highest levels across England as a multi-channelled Marketing agency.

Blake Maltby - Director - Staff Photo

Maltby Marketing prides itself on being Cambridges most innovative and visionary Marketing Agency, specialising in marketing communications that make an impact and get businesses results.

We’re proud to say that business really did start at full pace and head on for our agency and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We know just how important marketing is and will continue to be in the advanced, technological world we all live in. So, we’re extremely grateful for the action-packed first year of business we had that has led to us now serving 51 cities across England, with sights of extending further and no current limits on how far we’re willing to go to make a difference to your business.

Maltby Marketing cover all around the world

You’ll be reassured to hear that we always back up our words and recommendations, we take an extremely precise and accurate approach to ensure that we not only track all of our marketing methods but we provide you with key KPI reports and analytics that show you exactly what we have achieved and can continue to do for your business. We are a result driving agency that not only makes it our mission to get results but also provide you with key data that will allow you to act in the future to capitalise on your marketing methods. Furthermore, we are proud to say that due to this amongst many other proud and hard-working reasons we were nominated for ‘Best New Business 2021’ as part of Cambridgeshire Independent SME Business Awards, and have our vision set on achieving even greater awards and results for businesses across the world!

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Jordie On You – Despite many proud achievements and just as many future goals, we like to ensure we’re always using our platform and business to help our local community and charities too. That’s why we are extremely proud to be a dedicated sponsor of Jordie On You, a Cambridgeshire based charity founded to support kids suffering bereavement and raise vital awareness of mental health conditions. To show our support we offer any marketing support to JOY free of charge, have a dedicated JOY shop that 100% of proceeds are donated to JOY, and also have a JOY recommendation policy, for anyone who is referred to us amongst the JOY community we ensure we donate a minimum fee of £50.00 per new client. We also intend to continue all of our efforts with JOY over many more years to come and continue to raise funds for such a worthy and local charity.